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Bobbie's Poems

Bobbie's Poems

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Death of a Sanctuary Dog

Posted by Tina Brown on June 9, 2011 at 5:29 PM Comments comments (183)

There are certain dogs that are never adopted. They become permanent members of Barb's household where they are offered sanctuary until they are called home. This poem is dedicated to Barb, founder, director, and foster mom of the rescue, for being there for these special dogs.

                 Death Of A Sanctuary Dog


   Your time on Earth ended much too soon.

   Heaven took you from me this afternoon.

   I sat outside in the rain and cried all day,

   Letting the water wash my tears away.


   Remembering the day you first came to me,

   The fear in your eyes of what might be.

   You cringed in utter fear of my touch,

   Not knowing I already loved you so much.


   Not knowing now you'd be warm at night,

   Food would be yours without a fight,

   That hands would be tender and kind,

   Your lonely days now left behind.


   You were so thin your ribs showed through,

   The teeth you had were so few,

   Your eyes were glazed and nearly blind,

   It was evident someone treated you unkind.


   Your body was crippled, twisted in pain,

   I knew right away, at my house you'd remain.

   I didn't want people calling you ugly,

  When you seemed so beautiful to me.


   I protected and loved you until the end,

   I held you close, my tiny friend.

   You truly believed you were a beauty,

   Never knowing I was the only one to see.


   The rain came down and I cried for you,

   Knowing your years of happiness were few.

   In the end you stared at me so adoringly,

   Knowing I had loved you emphatically.


   Sleep now, my sweet, and dream of me,

   Holding you, loving you, until you see,

   You need not fear the Promised Land,

   And the special touch of God's hand.



A Dog's Gratitude

Posted by Tina Brown on June 9, 2011 at 8:08 AM Comments comments (20)

Some lived in cages, some on the street,

Some were abused and badly beat,

Some were abondoned and all alone.

Whatever the story, they needed a home.


Some were young, playful and fun,

Some were old and unable to run,

Some were shy, afraid to roam.

Whatever the type, they needed a home.


Some were missing teeth, some missing hair,

Some needed special medical care,

Some were cute, some not even grown.

Whatever the dog, they needede a home.


The dogs all want to bark a loud Thank You,

For saving their lives through  our rescue,

And to one and all, now let it be known,

They thank you most, for giving them a home.


Dedicated to all you special people who have opted to save a needy dog rather than purchase from a greedy breeder. For allowing a dog to live rather than be euthanized simply because he was no longer wanted. Thank You. Woof Woof!



Tibbee, The Puppy Mill Dog

Posted by Tina Brown on May 25, 2011 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (102)

My first foster dog from a puppy mill was quite a shock. I had never seen dogs behave in this way. Tibbee/Annie was my first puppy mill experience. She touched my heart so deeply that I wanted to keep her, but I knew she needed more love than I could give her with all the dogs I have in my home. This poem is dedicated to Tibbee/Annie and the wonderful woman who adopted her. Thanks Pat for seeing this baby's awesomeness.



       The Puppy Mill Dog


   You belly crawled in abject fear,

   Cringing low when I came near.

   Not knowing how to bark or play,

   I knew I needed to show you another way.


  Not every human is heartless,

  Never giving a kind word or sweet caress.

  Using your body for their selfish greed,

  Ignoring the loving that you need.


  I taught you how to love me,

  I taught you how to trust me,

  I taught you to be free.


  It broke my heart when people didn't want you,

  Claiming you didn't do what normal dogs do.

  They didn't see how sweet you could be,

  When you snuggled up close to me.


  They didn't see you blossom and grow,

  As each day you began to know,

  You were loved, treated with care,

  As you became my tiny lady fair.


  I taught you how to love me,

  I taught you how to trust me,

  I taught you to be free.


  Someone finally saw your precious heart,

  And though it tore my world apart.

  I did what I knew was best for you,

  Giving you a life brand new.


  I hold your memory, and sometimes cry,

  Knowing I had to say goodbye.

  I know in time you'll forget me,

  But don't ever forget, I set you free.


  I taught you how to love me,

  I taught you how to trust me,

  I taught you to be free,



I love you still Tibbee/Annie. I hope your life remains as wonderful as you only dreamed it could be.  \

Love, your foster mom Bobbie.




A Rescue Mom's Tale

Posted by Tina Brown on May 25, 2011 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (681)

   Someone found her limping down the street,

   Her tiny body bruised and badly beat.

   They brought her to my door yesterday,

   And though I had no room, I let her stay.


   I drove her to the vet, but I knew,

   He'd say there was nothing he could do.

   So with pain pills in hand, I began to cry,

   As I returned home to watch another die.


   In her time on Earth she'd never known love,

   But in her final hours, it was made sure of.

   I held her gently near my heart all day,

   Loving her, awaiting death to carry her away.


   The angels came again late last night,

   And took another one up in flight.

   I held her in my arms until she flew,

   The only tender touch she ever knew.


   Now she's free, dancing with the stars,

   Her body no longer covered in scars.

   She's prancing across the Golden Mean,

   The Promised Land, where pain is never seen.